Alicante’s vegetables “paella”

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Ingredients for 6 people

  • 600gr of Rice
  • 1 Red pepper
  • Chopped green beans
  • 3 ripe red tomatoes
  • Cooked chickpeas
  • 600gr of chopped chicken
  • 600gr of lean pork cut into cubes
  • Garlic
  • coloring
  • Saffron
  • 2 liters of broth
  • Virgin olive oil
  • Salt


We put oil in the paella and when hot add the pepper cut into wide strips. After browning we remove and reserve. Pour the chopped meat and fry until it is golden brown. Aside meat on the outside of the paella. We toss the beans and fry the garlic slowly. Add the grated tomato and mix all giving a few laps so that all the flavors well integrated. Add the rice, coloring and salt. Mix well (rice have to soak around the fry and be transparent). Add hot water, stir and mix well. Toss the chickpeas above, add the pepper we had reserved, try it and add salt if necessary, we take a pinch of saffron to color and taste (optional) and let simmer until the rice is done.

Before you start remember some essential things:

We must choose a large paella depending on the number of diners, and when boiling rice should never exceed the height of the rivets of the handles.
Rice has to be round, if “bomba” type it will need more water. In this case follow the package directions.
If you ever need to add liquid to the paella always it is done at the same temperature (boiling).

Once spread the rice in the paella, never move it again.

When the liquid has almost evaporated, or start to smell burned (socarret), stop the fire. Always before serving it, let it rest.


100gr of rice per person and triple broth.

The fire has to go half – stronger and about in fifteen minutes will be cooked.

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